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Avocado Trees

Baron Brothers Nursery Sells a full
selection of acocado trees, including Bacon,Fuerte, Hass, Reed, Zutano and Hoiliday -Dwarf Tree. 

BACON  Medium-sized fruit with green skin on an upright tree, bears more heavily in alternate years.  NOV-JAN
FUERTE  Large tree bears quality, medium-sized green fruit. DEC-MAY
HASS  Popular Hybrid. The most common in local markets, medium to large fruit with dark purple, pebbly skin. Great flavor good oil in fruit.  FEB-OCT
REED  Trees bears quality, medium-large fruit (self pollinator)  JUL-OCT
ZUTANO Hybrid commonly used to pollinate of ‘Haas’ to increase yeild. DEC-JAN
HOLIDAY (DWARF)  Large green fruits with excellent flavor. Trees are dwarf and weeping. Bears in alternate years and can be grown in containers. AUG-DEC

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